Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tulip festival in India is south Asia's largest Tulip festival that has been named after the Indian
prime minister of India, the late Indira Gandhi. Tulip festival takes place during the months of
March and April and is the prettiest festival that takes place in Kashmir at the Siraj Bagh 
Chesmahsahi in the capital city of Srinagar. It is known as Indira Gandhi memorial garden. 
This blooming festival is a real treat to the eyes as the garden is spread over 5 hectares of
 land at the foothills of Zabarmwan near the Dal Lake.

The garden boasts of 60 varieties of multi-coloured tulips. It resembles a beautiful carpet that
has hundreds of colors and provides a heavenly view to the thousands of visitors, national 
and international. Around 2 million tulip bulbs bloom here and proudly display their 
beauty to the tourists. The view is simply magnificent and has countless delicate beauties 
lined in rows to dance with the wind in front of the tourists.

The festival was started in 2007 to promote tourism and has been quite successful in attracting
 people from all over the world. With the onset of spring, people throng to the place to get a 
view of this magnificent place. Officials here organize various other events along with the 
tulip festival and provide business for handicrafts for the local craftsmen, offer a wide variety
 of folk dances and songs that the visitors love to watch. One can also enjoy the different 
Kashmiri cuisine that is prepared locally and is a favorite among the tourists.

Kashmir is famous for its natural beauty and with the tulips the beauty is enhanced manifolds. 
Today, tourists are demanding to open the garden ahead of the fixed time and enjoy the view 
for a longer time. New varieties and new things keep on adding each year. The Tulip festival in 
Kashmir has been well accepted by the tourists and has become quite an attraction for 
tourists who love to visit the scenic place of Srinagar.
To witness these tulips plan your Srinagar Trip now and don't miss the amazing aspect of 
the nature.

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