Tuesday, March 15, 2016

10 Reasons why visiting ladakh should be on your to do list in year 2016

1. Ladakh the land of high passes
The whole of the district is mountainous with three parallel ranges of the Himalayas, the Zanskar, the Ladakh and the Karakoram. Between these ranges, the Shayok, Indus and Zanskar rivers flow.
Despite being placed on a very difficult geographical positions it is one of the most loved and interesting places to visit in India.   Climatic conditions doesn’t allow you an easy access to this place throughout the year.  So you if you are not accustomed to harsh weather conditions  summers is the best time you visit Ladakh. 
​2. ​Pangong Lake:
So the very first reason for visiting Ladakh is the Beautiful Pangong Lake.  You just can’t get enough of it.  Approximately 60% of the length of the lake lies with china and d​uring winter the lake freezes completely, despite being saline water. The best of Pangong one can get is on a Full moon night. Away from the city hassle spend an night at lake with your loved ones. Tented accommodations of all ranges are available nearby the Lake.
​3.​ Monasteries
Mountains of the valley are home to number of Monastries and Gompas, giving a divine and spiritual touch to the surroundings.   Prayer flags flying high with the winds purifying the every bit of the valley heals the mortals who breathe here.  One can find himself closer to the creator in these mountains. So to be a part of this whole spiritual journey and pay a visit to these mountains and get your souls refined.
​4. Ladakh the land of high passes:
One of the highest motor able passes of the world are found here in Ladakh.  Drive past through these passes and take small break and experience how it feels to be on the Top. Strong gusting winds and freezing temperatures won’t obviously let you stay here for longer. But to experience it for a while is worth stopping for.  These passes include Khardungla pass, Zojila Pass, changla pass, Baralacha pass, Tanglala, Fatula , Namkila & Lachungla pass.
5. Ladakh on bullets:
For those, the adventure is what a holiday actually means, Ladakh is the ultimate destination. It comes with a complete adventure package. On thinking in respect to Ladakh, bikes are the first thing which draw  to your mind.  Withdrawing yourself  from the Luxurious vehicles and travelling by bikes can be an flabbergasting  option.  Ride through rough terrains, beautiful landscapes and the highest motarable passes and witness the best of the nature which you can get here in Ladakh only.
6.​​ Trekkers Paradise:
Ladakh can also be considered as the trekkers’ paradise. Every year large number people from all around the Globe travel to Ladakh for trekking.  Famous chaddar trek on Zanskar is also on the major treks held every year in Ladakh. If you are not a professional trekker, light treks for beginners are also available here. So doesn’t matter if you are professional or not you can taste the bit of this adventure.
7. ​​Aryans:
So here we have this one more reason why we should not miss travelling to Ladakh.  The Aryan Valley, Its inhabitants are the last surviving members of the pure Aryan race in the world. Whereas Ladakh's population seems to be mostly of Tibetan origin, they are of pure Indo-Aryan stock, believed perhaps to have descended from the army of Alexander of Macedonia. At the confluence of the rivers Shayok and Indus in the Kargil region west of Leh live the people known as Drok-pa.  You will find number of villages here but only two villages Dah – Hanu  are open for the tourists.  A bit offbeat, but on your ladakh visit this time do visit this part of the Ladakh.
​8. ​ Confluence of Indus & Zanskar.
It is said that the Confluences have a special energy.  So to sense this special energy you have to visit this confluence of Zanskar and  Indus.  Indus-Zanskar confluence at Nimo is about 36 kms from Leh. Here you can also enjoy the famous white water rafting . For adventure lovers again we have a reason why you should not in anyway miss Ladakh.​
​9​. The double humped Camel:
The high altitude cold desert of India ( Nubra valley ) is home to the rare species ​of​ do​uble humped bacterian camel. Siachen Glacier lies to the north of the valley. The Sasser Pass and the famous Karakoram Pass lie to the northwest of the valley. Nubra is about 150 kms for Leh disrct and is accessible via famous Khardungla pass.  You can also take a ride of these bacterian camel and enjoy the desert safari. ​
​​10​. ​Local markets:
So when you are done with your spiritual healing, adventure and all the other stuff it’s time to relax and enjoy the Leh local markets.  These local markets come with a variety of stuff.  The famous items here are the Pashmina shawls, stoles and other hand woven wool items like caps mufflers, socks  and gloves . These are all  loved among the tourists. Tibetan and local Ladakhi jewelry is also available in variety of ranges in these markets.  Apricot  of this region is considered the best and is available in these markets. 
Once you are done with all your shopping, the first most thing that comes to your mind is of course food. Trust you will find number of restaurants serving all sorts of cuisines.  Momos and thupkas are among the favorites in Ladakhis.  Since, Ladakh is very famous among foreign tourists, you will find number of Chinese, Italian, Mexican restaurants in Leh serving authentic food from all round the Globe.
​So this season plan your Ladakh holiday with family, friends or just go SOLO...​Best time to visit is April onwards upto September.

​It ​ can be reached by air or road from Srinagar and manali (road opening dates are finalized by BRO and depends upon weather conditions) ​

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