Thursday, March 29, 2018

Panzath Nag:
 Jammu and Kashmir is full of  beauty and surprises. Panzath Spring is an another Gem of the nature still hidden from the tourism map. It is important that these hidden destinations are preserved and at the same time made accessible for the tourists. Proper infrastructure and accessibility provided to these destinations will bring in more tourist inflow and which in turn will also generate employment among the locals.  

  Panzath Spring is very famous spring in Kmir the Word Panzath is derived from Kashmiri Word Paas Hath Which means 500 Springs.It is Situated in Qazigund nearly 3km Distt. Anantnag Tehsil Qazigund. There are 500 Springs which Supply Water for nearly about 35+ villages. In Another way Two Trout Hatcheries are Present in Panzath Spring & newly Dam is Construed for the purpose of Water supply for another Villages. Many international Tourists are visit in Panzath Spring for it Bountifulness.

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